Welcome to Ultimate Carbon

We are small company specialising in the design and production of replacement carbon car parts for a variety of manufacturers.

All of our parts are the result of a custom build process. They are constructed to the highest quality using Autoclave cured, aerospace and top level motorsport grade pre-preg. Our parts are hand-made by us in England.

The techniques used are the same as those employed by modern Formula 1 teams, ensuring maximum strength, lightweight and durability.

Caterham Caterham
Detailing and car care Detailing and car care
Lotus Elise Lotus Elise
Lotus Exige Lotus Exige
Poorboys world products Poorboys world products
Vauxhall VX220 / Opel Speedster Vauxhall VX220 / Opel Speedster
Westfield Westfield

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